For any of the group/team orientated sessions we deliver, integral to these would be the use of suitable ice-breakers. There are numerous ‘drama’ games and physical warm-ups which we could call upon to serve the purpose of relaxing everyone and getting them to think more creatively and ‘out of the box’ – they would address the areas below:

  • How important 1st impressions are
  • Making an impact
  • Being “ready”/ “switched on”
  • Listening and then contributing
  • Assertiveness techniques
  • Networking skills/interview skills
  • Body language
  • Defusing a situation using humour

What is a typical voice workshop?
The format of a classically designed voice workshop runs along the following:

The trainers will choose from a wide range accredited participatory exercises that have been designed for actors and non-actors.  These translate comfortably into any business scenario, with their clear relevance in terms of concentration, focus, multi-tasking, eye contact, anticipation and response.

A systematic working though of flex/release for all the major joints. This section will highlight habitual tensions and facilitate best access to the breathing work that follows

Breathing and Support
Exploring and embodying abdominal breathing/ lateral and posterior rib swing and suspension on and free, sound production. Exploration of clavicular breathing/ breath retention and related diminution of power/stamina/resonance

Effortless transition from breath into sound initiation – experiencing the “direct line” between abdominal stimulation and sound production

Resonance and Articulation
Working to recognise the important role played by neck/jaw/tongue, teeth and lips as inhibitors of vocal flexibility and virtuosity

Taking this work into a practical context and exploring range and dynamic changes as communicative tools

A short discussion/question and answer opportunity for clients to clarify any points that have been raised during the session and to feedback their reactions and overall impression of the experience.

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