Vocal coaching

As a singer, it’s so easy to get caught up in technique and practice and begin to forget why your doing it… It’s important to remember that the voice is a tool for expressing something, and vocal coaching is a wonderful way of spending an hour forgetting about technique and just enjoying singing for what it is.

Whether it be a Schubert lied, an old irish folksong or even songs from musicals I hope to help you get to the essence of what your trying to express so that singing can become a total release for you. Often we would spend time getting to the bottom of what the text really means, so your voice, face, eyes and movement can indulge in that wonderful thing that is expressing yourself through song.

I am experienced in coaching in English, Italian, French and German (and have done a little Russian and Czech…!) and would be thrilled to work on any number of styles, whether it be classical art-song, musicals, pop-songs, folk-songs or jazz. Vocal Coaching, essentially, is about making singing as fun, meaningful and comfortable as possible, so that you will always walk away feeling with that buzz which made us want to sing in the first place.