When I say I am a violinist, the usual response is, ‘How wonderful, I love the violin’, or almost as frequently’ I always wish I’d played the violin.  Well, if you’re somebody to whom that applies, this is your golden opportunity.  City Music Services was created for people just like you.

Never will you get a better opportunity to fulfil that idle fantasy, and pursue your artistic side. Possibly you wish you’d started when you were younger, and fear it is too late now, maybe you wish you knew a little more about classical music, but
perhaps think it too ‘high brow’. Or perhaps you played as a teenager,or into university years, only to let it slip during the early years of building up a career,  starting a family, or paying the mortgage. Again, City Music Services can put
you back in touch with the energy and excitement that playing brought to your formative years, putting you back in touch with those promises you made to return to the violin ‘when there’s more time. . ‘ to keep playing, joining amateur groups and orchestras, and playing well into your retirement

Or maybe you have never played a musical instrument, but just fancy trying something different, and when you think of classical music, you think of the violin, then City Music Services was created with you in mind! There is a whole new world of music waiting for you.

Whatever your reasons for your interest , City Music Services can work for you, and bring fun and relaxation back into your week, whilst developing a new set of skills.

Stephanie Niemira, Violin tutor