Speech and presentation 1:1

Many people have a fear of speaking in public. This can range from wedding speeches to giving presentations at work to chairing a meeting. In any of these situations, the fear of not speaking well, sounding boring, stuttering or sounding nervous can affect both what is being said and how we speak. This affects both men and women alike, and as presentations are now commonplace in most working environments, the need to speak with confidence and authority is necessary.

Fortunately, nearly everyone can learn how to speak with confidence. The use of body language, eye contact and direct address are all essential keys to effective public speaking but the crucial, single factor is the voice.

Issues we address:
– How do we sound?
– How do we keep an audience listening, even with endless facts and statistics?
– How do we shape and structure our speech?
– How do we sound less aggressive, quiet or nervous?
– How do we control nerves and keep our voice steady and calm, even when we are terrified?
– All of these issues can be addressed and improved upon.

Like any new skill, it requires application and commitment by the individual. There are no ‘quick fixes’ to long-term vocal confidence. We have to start with the voice itself, work to strengthen and enrich that before moving on to effective speech.

The sessions will involve:
– Preparation of the voice for speaking in public.
– How to control nerves & relaxation techniques
– Hints and advice on speech structure and delivery
– Body language, posture, facial expressions, use of gesture and eye contact
– Vocal expression-clarity, inflection, pausing, pointing, volume and pitch


This work incorporates breath and diaphragmatic control (the breath is the fuel to all speech), resonance & pitch (to improve the texture of the voice) and articulation (to work the muscles that shape the words). When the vocal apparatus works efficiently, we can then look at how we deliver a presentation, the shaping and form of the material and above all else, how to speak with developed confidence in any situation.

Recommended sessions
Individual sessions are usually weekly (or fortnightly depending on availability), changes can usually be detected after 6-10 sessions, but a period of 3-6 months is suggested for optimum improvement. Sessions will be tailored to suit the individual’s requirements and all material provided. The work is invigorating, exciting and energised and most unlike the old-fashioned approach of elocution!