My intent is to guide the student along the stimulating, confidence building, and sometimes spine tingling path of discovering their own special singing talent. Together we do this by making the best of the vocal equipment they were born with and in so doing I would be:

• Encouraging practice and preparation – developing and tuning the instrument
• Emphasising the need for technical correctness – singing the right notes, in the right way, in the right order
• Tailored options – to have the student help choose to work on the songs and musical style they prefer and also the pace of learning
• Focussing on performance – delivering the story to be told – touching emotions
• Providing honest and constructive feedback to students

Within commonly busy days I would be keen to have coaching sessions arranged at a mutually agreeable time and place so the student is relaxed as possible. Underpinning everything is an essential requirement to have a good time – smiles, laughter, and occasional tears of joy obligatory.

Beverley Stone – Vocal tutor

“I think singing makes me happy.”  So said my 12-year-old nephew after joining a choir.  What better reason do you need for taking it up, then?

Did you enjoy singing as a child or student, but now find your voice is croaky when you sing along with that CD?  Do you sing in a choir and need to improve your breathing, or get up the courage to take a solo?  Have you always fancied doing vocals in a band, or auditioning for the local musical theatre production, or do you just want to feel less embarrassed with your mates at the Karaoke?  Have you never sung a note before, but think singing might help strengthen your voice for workplace speaking challenges?  All of these are reasons given by my clients over the years.

Whatever your reason, lessons will help and it’s never too late to start.  Our clients find that a one-to-one lesson gives them something they can’t find anywhere else.  No worries about whether you’re going to get home in time for a lesson with a local teacher.  No family demands to juggle.  Some basic technique (and a bit of practice!) will make a huge difference to your breathing, tone, range and confidence.  There are gyms, restaurants, bars and shops near your office, but what about feeding your soul? Go back to your desk feeling revitalised!

 Karen Fodor, Vocal tutor