The saxophone is a wonderful instrument to learn. Stylish, elegant and sophisticated – it appeals to both men and women in its ease of use. No great lung capacity is required as there is a big saxophone family to suit everyone.

Many of the students who learn at CMS are mature students returning after school experience, but a significant proportion are also beginners, so it does not matter whether one has prior experience. The secret is in the ability to learn, which is dependent on the students’ interest and dedication to practice – so anyone can learn to play this instrument. Tuition will cover all aspects of learning the saxophone from the very start of learning specific placement of notes and reading music. There is no need to be inhibited by a previous lack of knowledge.

Students who have not played since childhood may reach a high standard in their chosen genre, but this will depend on the time they are able to dedicate to practice.

Who knows, some day you might be playing at your local jazz club or festival. Why not take up the challenge and learn to play the saxophone today!

Philip MillsSaxophone tutor

Often much of what I’ve said about the Clarinet applies, particularly as there are many fingering similarities between the three instruments [recorder, clarinet and saxophone].

A common scenario for budding saxophonists is, someone impulse buying one of these very beautiful and sexy instruments, particularly the alto – often these instruments do lie around for years accumulating dust, until suddenly their offices have the foresight to bring CMS in to deliver music lessons in the workplace!

Sara Charles, Saxophone tutor