I started my music experience with the recorder, and wanted to join the school orchestra to make a bigger sound. At eleven years old, I was lucky enough to inherit my dad’s clarinet and off I went to join the band. I was privileged to be taught by my clarinet teacher Larry Robson for 5 years, who inspired me so much I was able to make a career out of music.

At CMS we offer a range of teaching levels for all abilities. As the clarinet is an easy instrument to learn, no prior musical experience is necessary, just the desire to learn and dedication to practice. The instrument handles with ease and travels well. It can be dismantled to fit inside a small bag or sports bag , so one can easily practice at work or travel straight to lessons without carrying heavy cases.

Famous clarinettists include Benny Goodman, Artie Shaw, Sabine Meyer, Ken Peplowski and Johnny Dankworth, to name but a few. They all started with a simple dream – why not do the same? Perhaps one day your name will be top of the bill at your local jazz or music festival. Take the first step and start learning the clarinet today!

Philip Mills, Recorder tutor