So many people say: ‘I wish I ‘hadn’t given up piano lessons when I was young’ or ‘I wish I’d leant the piano when I was young’ or ‘I’ve always wanted to play the piano’.

The piano is a great instrument to learn with CMS as the studio and the corporate offices have a piano so there is no need to have an instrument yourself. If you do want one at home you can relatively cheaply purchase and electric piano which can be stored without taking much space.

Many of the students who learn the piano with CMS are beginners so it doesn’t matter whether you have little or no experience of music. Tuition will cover all aspects of learning the piano right from the very start of learning which note is which on the keyboard so there is no need t be inhibited by a previous lack of knowledge.

Some students reached a good standard of playing when they were young but haven’t played for years and now wish to take up playing again. Often they want to play more ‘popular’ music or jazz and theses genres are of course able to be studied as well as the classical repertoire.

Unlike an orchestral instrument where it is more rewarding to play in a group the piano is self contained and you can play to your hearts content on your own as well of course being on hand to have a sing along round the piano at Christmas. It is never too late to take up the piano!

“I just wanted to say how inspirational you were at our last lesson, you are a musical genius and I was astounded at your amazing fluency, quite incredible. I am sorry that you are requested to teach somebody who is really less than grade 1 but I am really pleased that you are taking me under your wing, I very much appreciate it.”
Head, Allen & Overy Global Law Intelligence Unit Special Global Counsel

Andrew Sackett – Piano tutor

Different people get hugely different things out of playing the piano. For some, it is the satisfaction of learning to play something, for others, it is about the thrill of performing, and for many, it is about having the opportunity to find an emotional release through musical expression. There is no doubt that all of these are extremely satisfying and make playing the piano a life enhancing activity.

As a piano tutor for CMS, I hope to help whoever wants to play the piano (whether beginner or advanced) get exactly what they want out of playing the piano so that it is always enjoyable/relaxing, and never unneccessarily stressful.

I am thrilled to teach classical, jazz and pop (or any mixture of the three!) from beginner to advanced. I have a fervent belief that everyone who plays the piano, at any level, can get whatever combination of the 3 reasons above they want. One way of doing this might be learning to improvise, which can go from simple chord progressions which you’d never realise you could learn so quickly to much more complex “trad jazz”. Even for someone who has only ever played “classical” piano, this is a fantastic way of making yourself relax as you find your way round the keyboard and enjoy making sounds. In fact, it can even make playing classical repertoire easier/more fun!  For someone else, it might be playing a piece of Chopin or Mozart to find the most enjoyable ways of expressing yourself through their wonderful music.

Even for a beginner, these aspirations are no mountain to climb – so if you find yourself saying “I wish I’d carried on playing…” or “Why have never found the time?”, simply come and play the piano!

Harry Ogg, Piano tutor