Our tutors

We have a diverse network of professional tutors, covering all of our tuition areas. Feel free to check out their bio’s before booking with us to find out more about their style. If you have any questions about your tutor or wish to discuss how they approach lessons before booking, then get in touch.

Clarinet: Katy Ayling, Philip Mills, Sara Charles

Composition: Alla Sirenko | Paul Ibberson

Drums / Percussion: Jon Hooper

Flute: David Jervis, James Dutton, Rachel Smith

Guitar: Jamie Wesley, John Wilmshurst, Jon Dedman

Harp: Vicky Lester

Music production: Paul Ibberson

Oboe: Karla Powell

Piano tutors: Alla Sirenko, Andrew Sackett, David Jervis, Gillian Ford, Jamie Wesley, Jenny Trew, Harry Ogg, Melanie Spanswick

Saxophone: Philip Mills, Sara Charles

Songwriting tutor: Paul Ibberson

Speech and presentation tutor: Karen Fodor

Violin: Stephanie Niemira

Vocal: Beverley Stone, Harry Ogg,  Julie Unwin, Karen Fodor