Creating health and well-being in the workplace
through the positive power of music.


Enhance your life through collective music making.

Music Lessons

Learn to sing, play the piano, guitar, violin and more, online or at work.


Musicals, Operas or other events – we stage them all.

Team Bonding

Bring your people together through our creative events.


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New Online Music Lessons

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Music Lessons

Learn to sing, play the piano, guitar, violin and more, online or at work.


We have proved that singing in a choir is one of the most successful ways a wide range of people can have their lives enhanced through collective music making. Any of the participants of our 15 work place choirs would most certainly endorse this.

Concerts, Events, Musicals, Operas

Whether a client event, your annual Christmas concert, or something even more ambitious such as an oratorio, fully staged musical or an opera, then this is where our expertise lies.


Team Bonding

What better way of bringing your people together than through a highly creative team-build event?

We turn our clients into choirs, pop bands, dancers, actors, musicians and film makers regardless of any previous experience.


City Music Services, the market leader in music-making in the work place, has been inspiring and rejuvenating large city corporations and organisations for over 18 years. It does this by offering a unique range of creative activities which include music lessons, choirs, rock school, instrumental ensembles, orchestras, team-building workshops and dance classes. Businesses are helped to invest in their most valuable asset – their employees – by way of a wide variety of projects and events.

Howard Charles
CEO and Founder

With his entrepreneurial flare, coupled with a career in singing, Howard was instrumental in creating the innovative City Music Services in 2001. His vision for music in, the work-place, be it the formation of choirs, the facilitating of music lessons or the production of Operas and Musicals, has meant that CMS has been able to provide a wide range of music-focused activities to a large number of City-based firms, including Allen and Overy, KPMG, J.P. Morgan, Goldman Sachs, Freshfields, Barclays, NatWest and Hogan Lovells.

Guy Beringer

Guy is the Chair of City Music Services. He chairs a number of other organisations, including the Temple Music Foundation and The Legal Education Foundation. His first career was in the law and he was Senior Partner of Allen and Overy. He has sung in many CMS productions over the last 20 years, most notably in A&O’s early G&S productions and also in A&O’s production of The Magic Flute at Glyndebourne.

Stephen Revell

His many key management posts in the performing arts – mainly in opera, theatre, music and dance – mean that Stephen is well-placed to assist in the development of the extensive range of ground-breaking activities for which City Music Services earns its acclaim.


Here are just a few of our many clients.


Anoushka Jeacocks