In-house music programme

An in-house music programme really does deliver.

For staff, it’s a chance to leave their desk and engage in something completely different. It also brings an important de-stressing aspect to their work, as people come out of a lesson feeling more relaxed, more creative and more rejuvenated.’ It also has a lot of benefits for the employer. We know that it has created a lot of goodwill within the organisations who take it on.

Employers have already realised the benefit of offering their staff various perks such as gym facilities, but this is another thing. Certainly our clients view their employers far more favourably since they could enjoy making music at work.

We have a long history of running ‘in-house’ programmes for many clients. Once a suitable space has been allocated, we can then build a bespoke music programme around your organisational needs and, for the first three months, administer this for free.

After this trial period, the client can choose from one of three service levels, usually for a minimum period of twelve months.

Silver package: Creation and management of your own in-house music programme
Gold package:   In-house music programme, plus formation and administration of your own choir.
Platinum package: In-House music programme, administrating of choir, plus 25% discount on CMS workshops, teambuilding and corporate entertainment.

Monthly service fees cover the following
– Administration and relationship management costs
– The creation of a bespoke CMS on-line, booking and payment system – for effective room management and payment
transactions for lessons
– Support costs – covers provision of appropriately qualified tutors
– Regular site visits from CMS Directors
– Ongoing training and development for tutors

To enable us to set up and manage an in-house music programme, the client would need to provide
– A suitable space in which music tuition can be provided
– The provision of a piano or electric piano
– Internet access for the on-line booking and payment system (preferable)

To support the promotion of an in-house programme, we suggest:
– Put on an initial promotional event in your staff restaurant, involving the CMS team, live music and opportunity for staff to find
out about the programme, ask questions and meet the team

– Promoting the programme through all internal communication channels including: intranet, website, weekly bulletins,

– Utilise on site poster sites – lifts, toilets, restaurant areas, coffee stations, reprographic areas.

Our marketing team has a network of approved suppliers who can help you co-brand and create bespoke materials for your internal marketing campaign – giving your in-house programme the best chance for success.

Running your Choir

If you already have an established choir, we can help you to build upon this by sending in one of our musical directors on a regular or irregular basis, administrating your rehearsals and providing creative input where necessary. If you don’t have an existing choir, we can help you start one; we can provide you with experienced musical directors to ensure that singing becomes an important part of your firm’s extra-curricular activities, something we’ve done for a number of our City-based clients.