So many people have a guitar in the house just gathering dust! Many of my new pupils come to me saying I have been meaning to start guitar for ages and that they just haven’t had the time.

The great thing about City Music Services, is that it gives some of the busiest people a chance to pursue their dream and learn to play a musical instrument. Many of my pupils also find it a welcome break from the office. It is often said that the guitar is the easiest instrument to begin and the hardest to master!

Being able to play a simple melody even by the end of your first lesson is easily possible. With a little practice you can play some chords. Armed with just a few chords you would be surprised at how many songs you can play.

The guitar is a very versatile instrument and you can use it to play everything from classical and Jazz to fingerstyle pop and rock. It can be enjoyed at any age and any level. so whether you want to play for your own pleasure, your friends, or the general public, it’s never too late to start.

John Dedman, Guitar tutor

I am constantly reminded by my pupils how rewarding the experience of learning the guitar can be.  I not only witness students enjoying the great pleasures that the instrument can offer, but the sense of achievement when more difficult music is mastered.

Learning the guitar unlocks a plethora of styles and genres and it is one of the most versatile instruments in the world.  The student can accompany a singer, collaborate with a chamber ensemble, rock out in a band or simply perform as a soloist in whatever environment they feel comfortable in.

I strongly promote the guitar to anyone who is curious about music and what it can bring to a balanced and healthy life.  Adult students can be playing simple chords within the first few lessons and can then travel in any stylistic direction that takes their fancy.

Guitar lessons can also help those who want to rediscover their playing ability and musicality.  Self-taught players often hit proverbial brick walls in terms of technique and taking up regular lessons would help them to progress to new levels of technical prowess.

What I find so refreshing about teaching with CMS is the enthusiastic atmosphere, fantastic teaching facilities and excellent location.  It is a great place to discover or rediscover the joys of guitar playing.

Jamie Wesley – Guitar tutor

Contemporary Guitar lessons: (not classical)

Since Elvis strapped on his acoustic in 1956 and told everyone about a place down the end of lonely street called Heartbreak Hotel, the guitar has been one of the all time favourite musical instruments that people ‘would like to learn someday’.

At City Music Services, we offer you the chance to achieve this with our tutors who bring to their lessons a wealth of on the road experience as well as a comprehensive, structured study method which combines the how and why with the practical approach of just playing your heart out.

No experience is necessary – all you need is the desire to learn.

John Wilmshurst, Guitar tutor