Flute players and music lovers often say that the flute is the instrument most comparable to the human voice, given its expressive capabilities, range of tones and dynamics, and beautiful singing sound.  Brought into mainstream popularity by performers such as James Galway and Jethro Tull.  These two alone demonstrate the diversity the flute can offer.

Whether or not you’ve played an instrument before – all that matters is that you have a passion for music!  Many of my adults students are absolute beginners and are new to learning about music.  I also teach many other students who have played the flute earlier in life and are now very keen to rediscover their instrument.

Adult learners can struggle to find the time to fit in lessons around their everyday schedules.  City Music Services is unique in its location and vision, allowing you to organise lessons easily around work and other commitments.

The flute is the most compact and portable instrument taught at CMS, easy to stow away inside a briefcase, accompanying you at a busy day at the workplace!