A considerable number of our clients are not necessarily typical dancers; we experience many requests from City professionals to take up a long held desire to have dance tuition.

Having dance in your workplace, or literally just a few minutes walk from your desk, now creates a unique opportunity for anyone, regardless of age, fitness & experience, to either revisit an old hobby, learn a new one, or just get involved in one of the best all round activities for getting fit.

As well as learning a new skill, it increases your energy levels, burns off calories in a fun way, relieves tension and stress, helps with posture and confidence and releases amphetamines for that ‘feel good’ factor.

Whether you want to kick-start your day with a Street or Tap class, release your frustrations at lunch with Dance Aerobics or wind down the day with a relaxing Stretch and Tone or Ballet the choice is yours.

We offer a range of services to make dance and movement accessible to everyone at all levels from total beginner to professional – even if a traditional group dance class isn’t your thing!

– Have a 1:1 session with a professional CMS tutor, focusing on your tastes in dance and exploring new genres
– Share a session with a friend or colleague – hves the price but gives you a partner
– When you are confident, share your session with a small group of friends / colleagues (3-5) and make it a regular, cost-effective
time out.

Styles currently on offer:

Tap                              A high energy form of dance, and great for the legs! Once you start, you won’t be able to stop!
Modern Jazz
              Learn all the techniques of dance including turns and kicks
Disco                           A funky dance class to tunes old and new, from the seventies to the noughties!!
Dance Aerobics        (30 mins) You won’t stop moving in this aerobic work out as you work through simple fat burning routines
Street                         A fun and exciting class, where you learn to dance like your favourite R&B artists to the latest music.
Contemporary           A very free form of dance, both relaxing and challenging
Stretch & Tone
          (30 mins) this class aims to increase flexibility and tone up the main muscle groups
Ballroom & Latin
      A way of replicating the stars on Strictly Come Dancing

A fun and disciplined Ballet class for all those who used to do ballet as a child and would love to give it another go, often popular for those who have never tried it before, or as an excellent new way to tone up!

Wedding dances
Preparing you for the big day and ‘that dance’. Bring music that you like, we’ll give suggestions and we’ll ensure you leave us confident enough to shine for your special moment.