Music Centre

The CMS Music Centre is situated in Billingsgate Market. Looking out over the new Crossrail development, we are a 1 minute walk from Canada Square.

The centre has been created to give Canary Wharf business people the opportunity to learn to sing or play an instrument, whether an absolute beginner, or seasoned performer, in a unique cultural setting and all within a 1 minute walk from Canada Square! The Music Centre allows you to:

– Have a 40 minute  ‘time out’ lesson during your working day – getting you out of the office!
– Re-acquaint yourself with the joy and fun of music making
– Learn to sing or play a new instrument
– Explore various musical styles including: jazz, classical, pop, rock, soul…. and whatever other genre you are interested in
– Work with and learn from a network of professional tutors of the highest standard
– Take a dance class in one of our new spaces
– Improve your communication and presentation skills

Our Arts Centre has proven to be a great multi functional space which we also hire in between lessons – it’s great for meetings, choir / music group rehearsals / dance space – get in touch to discuss your requirements.

Lessons at our Music Centre are £40 per 40 minute lesson. Contact us for in-house music programme prices and details.

 Check out our full list of music, vocal, dance, and business skills lessons available at our Music Centre.